10 reasons to live in Mexico


June 25, 2020

Have you ever visited Mexico? There is no doubt that it is a culturally rich country.

Each State of Mexico has different characteristics and tourist attractions, making Mexico such a diverse country to discover. This is why Mexico has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. 

For example, Merida - in the State of Yucatan - was selected as the best small city to visit outside the United States by Condé Nast Traveler magazine. 

In turn, the Riviera Maya - in Quintana Roo - is a popular destination for events and congresses in Latin America. In addition, both Cancun and the Riviera Maya are in the top ten of the world's top tourist destinations. 

But not only tourism is growing, are is also an increase in the number of expats communities that see in Mexico the possibility of starting a new life: Europe, Canada and the United States are the countries with the highest number of people moving to Mexico after retirement. For the same reason, real estate developments, as well as the real estate market, are growing in Mexico, especially in the areas with great quality of life, where more and more people are retiring.

However, not only Canadian and U.S. expats consider moving to places like Tulum and Merida: Mexicans from the north and center of the country are also moving to the Yucatan Peninsula, because of the security and growth potential in the area.

Although, not everyone has the same needs, nor are they looking for the same qualities in one place to decide to live in it. 

We know that there are many factors that make living in Mexico too attractive for foreigners and locals. Here are our 10 reasons to live in Mexico.

10 reasons to live in Mexico in 2020

1.- Culture

Without a doubt, for foreigners, one of the most attractive reasons to live in Mexico is the Mexican culture. Besides the traditions and festivities, Mexico is a country characterized by the wit and sense of humor of the people. 

In Mexico, culture and flavor are an essential part of the Mexican lifestyle, and this is something that impresses everyone. From the most traditional holidays like the Day of the Dead –Día de Muertos in Spanish– to the incredible festivities for Independence Day, or any celebration that Mexicans take advantage of to have a party.

Have you ever heard of the famous 'Guadalupe Reyes Marathon'? It is a very important period of celebration for Mexicans, beginning on December 12 and ending on January 6. After Guadalupe Reyes, Mexicans celebrate Candelaria Day, a tradition that is a consequence of the celebration of Three Kings Day: people who found a little figure in the rosca de reyes, are in charge of organizing the Candelaria celebration.

But Mexico is more than parties. Mexican culture is also full of history, archeological sites and architecture that make Mexico a diverse and interesting country for those who want to live in a place that combines tradition with urbanization. 

In addition, there are 69 official languages in Mexico, including Spanish. This is due to the diversity of indigenous cultures that have their own traditions, customs and world views, which together form part of the greatness of the Mexican culture. 

Catrina figures.
One of the 10 reasons to live in Mexico is the culture. The Mexican culture is always full of color and a lot of traditions.

2.- The possibility of growth

Mexico is a country where industries and commerce allow the economic growth, and even more because the country is open to foreign investment. More and more companies and franchises arrive in Mexico creating new jobs and creating more possibilities for residents. 

One of the advantages for expats living in Mexico is that their money have greater value than Mexican peso, so in the end their money allows them to have a good quality of life at a lower cost. 

For this reason, expats consider Mexico to be a country to start a new life, start the business of their dreams or enjoy the retirement life they have always dreamed of.

More and more families are finding in Mexico the opportunity to start a more relaxed lifestyle than in their countries of origin.

3.- Living in Mexico is cheaper

This is, without a doubt, a key reason that many people take into consideration when moving to Mexico. 

Living in Mexico is affordable, which has allowed more and more expats to move to the country and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in beach towns like Tulum or Playa del Carmen. 

The affordability of living in Mexico has led to an increase in expat communities over time. 

Cities like Merida have the largest expat communities in the country, and it is mainly due to real estate prices in Merida. In this city it is possible to acquire beautiful houses and condos in privileged areas at a lower cost compared to their countries of origin and even compared to the cost of real estate in other States of Mexico.

Those who plan to live in Mexico know that acquiring a property is a smart investment that allows them to ensure their money and will also help them reduce their expenses. And as you know, real estate is one of the 5 safest investments you can make in your life, so the day you decide to sell your property, your money will be protected from inflation and your home will be worth even more than it cost in the beginning. 

4.- Growing tourism

Another thing that makes Mexico attractive, especially for those wanting to invest in Mexico, is the tourist flow. 

As you may already know, the Riviera Maya has become the place par excellence for both vacationing and investing. This is because it is one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico: it is a treasure of the Mexican Caribbean that hosts beach towns like Tulum and Playa del Carmen, which attract thousands of tourists thanks to its natural beauties such as beaches and cenotes. 

The growth of tourism has also been of interest to the government, which is currently seeking to improve living conditions for the inhabitants of these places. That is why places like Tulum and Playa del Carmen are also capitalizing on tourism that is interested in nature and its preservation.

Therefore, more and more tourists are looking for experiences that allow them to be in contact with nature without sacrificing comfort. Our real estate development, Hunab, for example, is located in Tulum and has unique terraces that are adapted to the local flora. Therefore, each condo is unique and offers its residents great experiences surrounded by the Mayan jungle. 

Banner of real estate developments in Playa del Carmen.

5.- The privileged location

No one can deny that Mexico has a privileged location. That is why international exchange is one of its main strengths. Mexico is surrounded by seas and oceans, as well as being very close to the United States and Canada.

The privileged location have allowed Mexico to be a country with great diversity: the Mexican territory has deserts, majestic jungles and unique beaches - the beaches in Baja California Sur, for example, are beautiful but at the same time very different from those located in the Mexican Caribbean, such as Tulum or Playa del Carmen.

For this reason, Mexico is a great option for living in retirement. Traveling and getting to know the country is cheap, and it is also possible to visit several tourist attractions in one place. And as we already explained, the location allows them to be only a few hours from the United States and Canada, which makes it even easier to come and go to visit friends and family.  

Thanks to its geographical location, Mexico is only a few hours away from the United States and Canada, which makes it even easier to constantly travel between countries to visit friends and family.

6.- Living in Mexico improves quality of life

Thanks to the weather and relaxed lifestyle, living in Mexico is an opportunity to improve the quality of life. Expats choose beach towns such as Tulum, Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya, or cities like Merida, where the best elements of big cities and the stress-free atmosphere come together.

The relaxed lifestyle that Mexico offers is an alternative for people who, due to medical indications, need to live in places with warm weather like Miami. In Mexico, expatriates find more affordable and less overpopulated alternatives, with more opportunities for growth. 

Several expats living in Mexico have reported that the peacefulness, culture and hospitality of Mexicans are great motives to live in our country, but we cannot deny that the cost of living in Mexico is more affordable compared to other countries such as the United States or Canada. For that reason, more and more young people decide to move to Mexico in search of a better quality of life, something that in their homeland would be very expensive.

Since one of the expats' frequently asked questions is how much money is needed to retire in Mexico, we created a comparison chart considering the best cities to live in Mexico. If you consider living in Mexico after retirement, you will know an approximate cost of living to choose the option that best suits your budget.

7.- The food

Mexican gastronomy is world-famous thanks to its diversity, ingredients, flavors and dishes that make the country a gourmet paradise for all tastes. 

Mexican food also varies according to the place you visit.

For example, in Yucatan, pork is an important ingredient in Yucatan cuisine, while in Nuevo Leon or Tijuana, beef is a major element that is not lacking in their dishes. However, this doesn't mean that food doesn't adapt to people's specific needs: every day there are more gastronomic options that make Mexican food special.

Yes, more and more restaurants and food stalls include vegan options for diners. The best thing is that these dishes don't lose their Mexican essence or flavor.  Among the most popular vegan options are ‘tacos de nopalitos’, which you can enjoy with a delicious hot sauce.

Mexican food is diverse and very delicious. From the traditional taco to the more complex dishes that you only find in certain regions like ‘Queso relleno’ (stuffed cheese) in Yucatan.

8.- There's always something to discover

You'll never be bored in Mexico. One of the reasons why both expats and Mexicans dare to live in Mexico is because the adventure never ends. As mentioned before, Mexico is a very large and diverse country to explore different regions without having to travel to another country.

The cultural offer in Mexico varies according to the city where you live. For example, Mexico City is a city full of museums, while Merida is strongly influenced by the Mayan culture. 

Another of the most attractive things about Mexico is the architecture, which allows any visitor to know a little more about the history and past of our country. In Merida for example, you can join historical tours that visit emblematic buildings and places.

Archaeological sites, museums, beaches, restaurants, churches, entertainment centers, magical towns, fairs, and much more... You will always find something interesting to do in Mexico.

9.- Free services

Public services are another of Mexico's attractions, because they can be free or cheaper than in other countries. Because of that, medical tourism in Mexico is increasing. Canadians, for example, come to our country to receive quality medical care at affordable prices.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that the quality of medical care varies depending on the city where you live. Merida, for example, is one of the cities with the highest rate of acceptance of public services.

 For example, Mérida is one of the cities with the highest rate of acceptance of public services, i.e. locals are quite satisfied with the services.  

10.- Living in Mexico is an adventure

Living in Mexico is an adventure: from visiting the beautiful beaches in the Mexican Caribbean to the unique celebrations such as the Day of the Dead, Mexican culture never ceases to amaze people.

In addition, the Mexican lifestyle can benefit those who are looking to increase their quality of life, since it is an affordable and relaxed country.

Whether you plan to live in a beach town like Tulum, or live in a city like Merida, here are some tips for living in Mexico and acquiring real estate:

  • Acquire well located properties in order to guarantee capital gain and increase the value of your home over time.
  • Verify that the real estate agent or construction company you are buying your home from is trustworthy.
  • Don't be afraid and solve all your doubts with the real estate advisors, ask all the necessary questions about the house or condo you want to acquire.
  • If you plan to move to Mexico, create a plan with your budget, this way you will have an idea of how much it would cost you to live in Mexico.
  • Remember that the States of Mexico are not the same. Before buying a home, it is important that you visit the area where you plan to live.
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