The 5 best museums in Merida you will want to visit


July 17, 2020

The museums in Merida are impressive, interesting, and visiting them is an opportunity you should not miss.

Merida is a city well known for being a cultural tourist destination: the culture, art, and traditions are some of the things that make this city one of the best cities to live in Mexico.

That's why the vast majority of people who visit the museums in Merida are amazed, as each one is unique.  

So, if you are planning your vacation, here are the museums you should not miss on your next trip to Merida.

The Palace of Music

Have you ever been interested in the history of music? Would you like to visit a thematic museum?

If so, the Palace of Music is one of the museums in Merida you should visit since you will learn more about Mexican music.

Who does not like music? Listening to music is one of the activities that millions of people around the world enjoy every day. When watching a video, walking, shopping at the supermarket, driving, working, or dining in a restaurant, music is always there.

Besides, there is music for everyone: there are songs written for children, adults, adolescents, etc.

The Music Palace is an interactive museum where you can enjoy concerts and learn more about Mexico's musical heritage. It is located in the Historic Downtown, just a few steps from the main square. You will find this magnificent building at the intersection of Calle 58 and  Calle 59.

The opening hours are from 10:00 to 18:00 hrs. The general admission ticket is $150 pesos. However, the ticket price varies depending on whether the visitor is a senior citizen, a local or a foreigner.

The Music Palace opened its doors on June 25, 2018. This venue aims to preserve the music of Mexico, especially indigenous music.  

In the interactive rooms of the Palace of Music, you will learn more about the basic concepts of music and the musical heritage of Mexico.
In the interactive rooms of the Palace of Music, you will learn more about the basic concepts of music and the musical heritage of Mexico.

There is a room dedicated to pre-Hispanic music. In this place, you will be able to appreciate the evolution of instruments and sounds.

As for Mexican popular music, the museum has several rooms dedicated to it so you will learn about the traditional music of each Mexican state. And of course, the Yucatecan trova and jarana are not missing in this permanent exhibition. As mentioned in What is the climate of Merida, jarana is the typical musical form of the Yucatan and you can appreciate it in the Vaquería night, one of the most popular shows among tourists and locals.

As an interactive museum, it allows you to play music to learn from it. CDs, vinyl, cassettes, and digital are some of the resources for listening to music in the building.

It is one of the museums in Merida that you should visit. The tour is a unique experience that will make you appreciate music.

Fernando García Ponce Museum - MACAY

As you may know, the Cathedral of St. Ildefonsus stands in the heart of Merida. Right next door is another of the museums on the list. We are talking about the Fernando García Ponce Museum, also known by its Spanish acronym MACAY.

Do you like contemporary art? Then the MACAY Museum is for you. It is dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary art by national and international artists. It is the only museum of its kind in Yucatan.

The MACAY Museum has a very interesting history. Let's remember that the building is right next to the St. Ildefonsus Cathedral. According to the historical archives of Merida, the building that today houses the museum was built between 1573 and 1579 to be the Archbishop's Palace. It was until 1916 that it became an Ateneo where literature, music, and drawing were taught.

As it is an old building, it had to be restored to open the MACAY Museum. Locals were asking for a place to promote fine arts. So, since April 1994, the MACAY Museum has opened its doors. This museum, as well as most of the buildings in the Historic Downtown, has preserved its colonial facade.

The Fernando Garcia Ponce Museum is the only museum of contemporary art in Merida.
The Fernando Garcia Ponce Museum is the only museum of contemporary art in Merida.

Among the permanent exhibitions, you can appreciate the works of art by Mexican artists such as Fernando Castro Pacheco, Gabriel Ramírez Aznar, and Fernando García Ponce.

The artwork of Fernando Castro Pacheco is known for the style, color, and form that tries to transmit deep and true feelings.

Gabriel Ramirez Aznar is a painter with own art style that highlights the colors from Yucatan, so seeing his artwork is a must if you visit the MACAY Museum.

Fernando García Ponce was a painter whose work transmits personality and has a soul of its own. His works represented a break in previously established Mexican art.

Also, Fernando Garcia Ponce Museum has a well-stocked art library, a coffee shop and a craft shop.

Popular Art Museum

Do you know what is popular art?

A simple way to define it would be as 'easy-to-understand art'. This does not mean that other types of art are better. Since popular art is made for everyone, it is easier to appreciate it.

The Popular Art Museum is on Calle 50, just a few steps from La Mejorada Park.

The museum features 6 rooms with artwork made of clay, fabrics, stone, wood, cardboard, glass and other materials. Each piece of art exhibited in the six rooms is made using different techniques, putting the commitment to Yucatecan art first.

The Popular Art Museum has guided tours, an art store, and a library.
The Popular Art Museum has guided tours, an art store, and a library.

If you want to visit the Popular Art Museum, do not forget that it is closed on Mondays. The rest of the week, it opens from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm, and Sundays from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Request a guided tour to enjoy your experience.

What about souvenirs? Just like many of the museums in Merida, it has a shop where you will be able to buy unique Yucatan handicrafts.

After visiting the Popular Art Museum don't forget to take a walk in  La Mejorada park, a perfect place to spend the afternoon and relax.

Yucatan’s Regional Anthropology Museum - Canton Palace

Mérida is a city known for preserving its culture and history and that is why many old buildings still have their facades. The Historic Downtown, one of the city's main tourist attractions, is a sign of the importance of restoring historic architecture.

The Canton Palace is one of these restored buildings, and currently houses the Regional Museum of Anthropology.

At the beginning of the 20th century, this residence was the home of General Francisco Canton Rosado and his family. In 1932, the Canton family sold the property to the State of Yucatan.

The house underwent several restoration works until 1959 when the Regional Museum of Anthropology of Yucatan opened its doors. Thanks to its history and beautiful architecture, it is considered a cultural heritage of the Yucatan.

Canton Palace.
The Canton Palace was built during the Porfiriato, between 1904 and 1911.

Have you visited Paseo de Montejo? Then you have probably seen a very beautiful and big salmon-colored house in a corner. That's the Canton Palace.

Like several of the museums in Merida, it has a permanent exhibition, as well as temporary exhibitions. There are Mayan pieces that serve as a testimony of the history and culture of the Mayan civilization.

The Canton Palace is one of the museums in Merida that is worth visiting several times because there is always something new to see, some new pieces to appreciate.

The Great Museum of the Mayan World

As mentioned in 5 things to do in Merida, not all the city's museums are in the Historic Downtown. The Great Museum of the Mayan World, for example, is located in the north of the city, near the Convention Center, Gran Plaza, and Plaza Galerias.

The elegant, daring, and modern architectural design, is inspired by the Ya'axché tree, the sacred ceiba. According to the Mayan culture, this tree united the three levels of the universe, balancing it. No wonder the Mayas gave such importance to the ceiba: this tree can reach 70 meters in height.

The Great Museum of the Mayan World.
The museum houses more than 1,160 pieces, and about 800 of them are objects from the Mayan culture.

The permanent exhibitions are classified by theme, and each one will teach you more about the lifestyle of the Mayas, their religious beliefs, identity, knowledge, economy, etc.

On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 8:30 pm you can attend the video mapping show outside the museum.

Also, the museum has a room called MAYAMAX, where you will be able to watch movies with high-resolution audio. There is also a multipurpose room for courses, workshops, presentations, meetings, and different activities.

Banner of real estate developments in Merida.

Merida, where art and culture meet

When thinking about Merida, art and culture are some of the things that come to mind. This city aims to preserve its culture and promote Mexican art.

That's why the museums in Merida are different from each other. Whether it is music, history, Mayan culture, popular or contemporary art, you will always learn something new when visiting the museums in Merida.

Are you wondering what to do after visiting the museums?

There is always something to do in Merida: from attending plays, concerts, conferences, trova, dance, art exhibitions, film screenings, to street performances.

One of the main recommendations for tourists is to enjoy the Vaqueria night at the Historic Downtown.

Merida is a city with many festivities throughout the year: Merida Fest, Hanal Pixan, Xmatkuil Fair, the Carnival, and even the posadas are celebrations you should experience sometime in your life.

In short, Merida is one of the best cities in the world and an excellent option to have your home, since it is full of culture and an unconditional love of art.

If you want to know more tourist attractions we invite you to read our article about the best haciendas in Mérida.

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