5 reasons to invest in Merida


July 28, 2020

Merida, Yucatan is one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico.

Everyone who comes to know it falls in love with its culture, architecture, food and archaeological sites. That is why it is not surprising that Mérida is positioning itself as one of the favorite cities for foreign tourism, investment and retirement

To give you an idea, Merida is one of the cities with the largest number of resident foreigners living in it, so that the city itself has been developing new policies to carry out procedures such as birth certificates and marriages to make it more easy for these new residents. It is believed that there are approximately 4 daily transactions of foreigners in these facilities.

Not only foreigners are surprised with the quality of life that the so-called white city also offers Mexicans and especially with the relatively cheap and easy that you can acquire a property compared to the prices of Mexico City for example.

Why invest in real estate?

In the 5 safest investments you can make in your life, we mentioned that there are different types of profiles for each investor. While the conservative is more interested in not losing your money and being cautious, the risky is attracted by the risk. While government bonds and investment funds for retirement can be a very good long-term investment, real estate remains one of the options that most attract the attention of investors.


  • A property is insured against inflation.
  • It is a long-term investment but you can obtain higher income and in the short and medium term if you decide to rent your house or apartment.
  • You can invest in different types of properties, from houses to residential lots.
  • If you decide to buy in presale, you will have better yields.
  • If you decide to sell it later, your property will be worth more thanks to the added value of the area.
  • You get better returns if you decide to invest your savings than to have them in a bank or in your safe or piggy.

In addition, we can not forget those who are looking for a house for their retirement or for the heritage of their family. Real estate is also a way to ensure the future of your loved ones since they may decide in the future to live in it and not pay rent or sell it.

Of course, as we already explored in what is the best age to invest in real estate? Neither can we deny that it is an excellent way to guarantee an early retirement, since you can live on your income, if you decide to work at some time.

Are you already thinking about investing but you are still not convinced that Merida is the right option? Let us tell you our 5 reasons to invest in Merida.

5 reasons to invest in Merida

Mérida was founded as a city on January 6, 1542 in what are considered the vestiges of the Maya city T'ho. At present, academics and experts are not sure if T'ho was actually the original name of Mérida, however it ended up becoming the most important -and most populated- city of the State of Yucatán.

Nowadays it is causing a sensation thanks to the mixture between tradition and modernity that it has. In the best places to invest in Mexico we mentioned some of the qualities that make Mérida a magnet for growth and attraction, among them the location and the high quality of life that the city offers thanks to the safety of its streets .

Also, Mérida is considered one of the best cities in the world, and one of the reasons is that full of cultural activities open to the public that allows its visitors to know part of the traditions and history of the State and the city regardless of the day they visit.

1. Location

Mérida is located in the Yucatan Peninsula, southwest of Mexico. It has become very popular thanks to the natural beauties it has, from the Mayan Riviera and Tulum in the State of Quintana Roo, to Celestun and the cenotes that inhabit the State of Yucatan.

That is why Mérida is considered one of the most important cities on the peninsula, and Yucatan as one of the states with the greatest potential for real estate investment. Since, its visitors allow access to other parts and cities of the peninsula such as Campeche and Quintana Roo.

Similarly, the proximity to the beach as Puerto Progreso, just 20 minutes from the city, has made this city the favorite of those who want to live a life in the city to carry out their activities such as going to the office or school and escape the weekend to the beach and enjoy the sand and the sea.

Puerto Progreso is also of vital importance for commerce. It is one of the high ports of our country and through it there is the exchange of foreign goods.

That is why Merida has been in a growth boom and more and more companies come to invest in the city and establish offices in it.

Schools, shopping centers, international franchises, etc. More and more companies are able to visualize the future that there is in Mérida and that is why real estate is representing an excellent investment opportunity for those looking to retire, live or vacation.

Especially when they can acquire properties in areas with high added value at a more accessible price than they would in places like Mexico City.

Puerto Progreso.
Puerto Progreso is one of the most important ports in Mexico and Yucatan for commerce. However, Americans go to their beaches to enjoy the sea and seafood.

2. Quality of life

Real estate developments in Mérida have become popular because the city is considered one of the best cities to live in Mexico.

Only last year, the United Nations Organization -ONU-, granted Mérida recognition for being the best city to live in Mexico thanks to its quality of life, defeating 304 cities in the country.

Part of what makes Mérida so valuable is the security with which the State enjoys, which has allowed activities such as the bi-tour or Mérida on Sunday to be carried out and developed, which are already part of the traditions of the State and which make that non-residents who visit Merida fall in love with it.

That is why many families have decided to move to the white city, in order to have a more tranquil life and enjoy quality services such as public and private schools, high specialty hospitals and modern as well as colonial architecture.

This is partly why those who seek to invest in Merida do so also thinking of renting their property for families or students, as well as foreigners looking to retire to Mexico but still want to enjoy the benefits of large cities or flee from casualties temperatures that exist in their countries of origin

Of course, the proximity to the beach is a factor for many people who decide to spend their weekends and even their afternoons in Progreso or Chelem.

However, thanks to the warm climate, more and more residents are choosing real estate developments that include amenities such as swimming pools or swimming lanes.

Banner of real estate developments in Merida.

3. Future investment

Speaking about the warm weather, we could say that the heat is a reflection of the climate change that we are feeling around the world. However, Meridans are very aware of the need to promote and create actions, protocols and laws to combat and be part of the social responsibility of the environment.

For example, Mérida has police agencies specialized in caring for the environment and they are responsible for monitoring parks and family public spaces so that meridanos can have better experiences and the parks are clean and accessible to all.

That is why Mérida has become a benchmark for all of Mexico in terms of sustainability and reforms that protect the environment. For example, Mérida is currently seeking to eliminate the use of plastic bags and straws in the city gradually.

The reforestation campaigns have made all citizens join to plant trees throughout the city, and we can not forget how the urbanization projections are increasingly being thought so that these green areas are a very important part of them and growth is not be messy.

These are some of the reasons why foreigners see Merida with a city with a bright future, whether to retire or to form a family. That is why we are not surprised that the Merida government is trying to create new protocols to make these processes and procedures faster and more efficient.

Companies like Huawei are turning to see Merida as a possibility for investment. Not only will they use their technology to make Mérida a safer and smarter city by using facial recognition in crowded places, automating the lighting of lights, as well as garbage cans.

Mérida will have an embassy for Chinese tourism and has signed with another renewable energy company for 150 million dollars.

This is how Merida has become one of the cities with the highest real estate investment in Mexico.

The Great Museum of the Mayan World.
The Great Museum of the Mayan World is one of the "modern" attractions of Merida. It has exhibits that portray the history of the Mayan people, their worldview, culture and presence in the state.

4. Infrastructure

With so many future investments, especially in the area of ​​technology, it is important to highlight the investment that is being made in improving the city's infrastructure.

Currently, Mérida has parks and public spaces with free internet, in addition to which it has tried to create roads to make connectivity an important factor in the city; both for beaches and for residential areas located north of the city.

Thanks to the growth of the city, and with it more commercial places and companies, the city has expanded. The meridanos increasingly have a greater acceptance for the use of vertical housing as apartments with amenities that meet their needs such as gym, swimming pools or private security so they can develop their lives fully.

That is why Mérida has been more concerned with connecting with tourist areas and making these journeys more pleasant: cenotes, archaeological zones, other cities of the Peninsula such as Tulum, Cancún or Valladolid, etc.

Thanks to the integration of technology and new energies that the city expects, it is no wonder that the government is looking to improve the city's infrastructure even more.

5. Culture

One of the most important aspects of Merida is its culture; and it is one of the reasons why many foreigners and Mexicans end up in love with the city.

The importance of the Mayan culture in the State is not only present in the archaeological tourism that takes place in cities such as Chichen Itzá and Uxmal, but also in the inhabitants and residents, in their way of speaking, cooking and celebrating their traditions.

An example that combines all the above is Hanal Pixán, the equivalent of the day of the dead celebrated in Mexico. Unlike the rest of the republic, the Hanal Pixán is more linked to the Mayan traditions -which were obviously combined with the Catholic notions that the Spanish friars brought in the conquest- where the return of our loved ones is expected to come home.

In this festivity the traditional Mukbil Pollo popularly known as Pib is prepared, which traditionally is buried. This dish is part of the altars of the Yucatecan families. One of the main differences between the Day of the Dead and the Hanal Pixan is that the second is usually a more private and somewhat religious or ceremonial celebration, unlike the Day of the Dead where it is a great celebration. However, thanks to the popularity and the attraction it generates among its visitors, Mérida has created events such as El Paseo de las Ánimas where the inhabitants travel from the main cemetery of the city to the center, using candles such as it is narrated by local legends.

The Festival of Souls.
The Festival of Souls is already a tradition in Mérida. From the "paseo del las ánimas" to the "vaqueria" and the altars exhibitions in downtown, Mérida has made the Hanal Pixan a magnet for tourism.

But not only in November the culture of Mérida is active.

In Mérida, cultural activities take place daily in the center of the city. From Monday with the dairy to Sunday with Merida on Sunday and the biciruta. These activities are carried out in various parts of the center, in addition to cultural centers such as Olympus always have projections, concerts or plays.

But not everything is downtown, the Great Museum of the Mayan World for example is located north of the city and also has exhibitions and screenings.

Invest in Merida

Now you know why the real estate market in Merida is constantly growing.

The meridanos, as well as Mexicans and foreigners are looking for real estate opportunities to settle down and enjoy with their family or start one.

In addition to the fact that the cost of buying a house in Mérida is smaller compared with cities like Monterrey or Mexico City, however, thanks to the projections of growth and future investment, we know that the return of investment can increase even more thanks to the rent of these properties.

The best thing is that it is not necessary to invest in a real estate development in Mérida to start taking care of your money, the residential lots in Mérida and the industrial lots in Mérida are also an excellent option to protect your money - and your savings - from the inflation.

Remember that the best time to invest is now, especially if you are planning to invest for your retirement and more if you want to take advantage of pre-sales to obtain a higher return on investment.

If you are already thinking about acquiring a property in Mérida, we recommend you read everything you need to know before buying a property in Mexico as well as what documents should you ask for when buying a property? This way you will have a clearer idea of ​​what elements you will need in this process and the things to which you must pay close attention, such as the search for a notary and property titles.

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