5 reasons to invest in Tulum


June 24, 2020

Investing in Tulum, Quintana Roo is one of the goals of many investors who want to obtain not only higher income but also higher returns on their initial investment.

This does not surprise us. Tulum is one of the most important tourist spots for Mexico today, as we already mentioned in things to do in Tulum, not only tourists seek refuge in its beaches but also many foreigners who seek to live their retirement in these warm and clear coasts that this area can offer.

That is why Tulum has been placed on the lists of the best places to retire in Mexico thanks to its excellent location, climate and culture that together make Tulum a paradise for those who seek to experience nature without completely losing their comfort.

Not only do retirees see Tulum as a good option to own a vacation property and rent it as long as they do not use their property, some investors see this opportunity to generate money. Since, unlike buying properties in their country of origin, such as Canada or the United States, in Mexico, properties are more accessible in several aspects, such as paying fewer taxes and obtaining a greater return on investment than if they bought properties to vacate or of retirement in places like Florida.

Not only foreigners but some Mexican investors are also thinking about Tulum thanks to the growth of apps like Airbnb that allows them to rent their properties and earn income while they are not using them.

In addition, acquiring properties in a tourist place like Tulum continues to give them higher returns than buying an apartment in Mexico City.

We already know that one of the 5 safest investments you can make in your life is real estate. First of all, because they allow you to protect your money against inflation but also because the properties you acquire can have greater value thanks to the capital gain and especially if you acquire a property in presale.

However, investing always gives us fear and if you are thinking of doing it but you still have doubts, we give you these 5 reasons to do it in Tulum.

5 reasons to invest in Tulum
Tulum has a privileged location that allows you to enjoy both the clear beaches and the incredible Mayan jungle.

5 reasons to invest in Tulum

1. Tourism flow

It should not surprise you that one of the main reasons to invest in Tulum is the tourist flow that increases every year. Only in 2018, Tulum ended the year with approximately 2 million 300 thousand visitors, and with a 100% occupancy of its hotels.

Tourism in Tulum only last year grew between 10% and 15% and it is estimated that this increase is increasing every year.

The beaches, the natural beauties, the culture, and the gastronomy, as well as the nightlife, have managed to attract Mexicans and foreigners. Tulum has become one of the main points for the marketing of influencers, especially for those who use super visual platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, because thanks to these they can show the incredible beauties that the area has to offer.

Not only millennials are interested in resting these beaches. According to figures from the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Quintana Roo -SEDETUR-, the largest segment of tourists who visited Tulum are between 40 and 49 years old and was the recommendation of friends and family, as well as there, were people who had previously visited it. This made them choose Tulum again as a vacation spot.

As a result, 35.9% of tourists in Tulum -in the last quarter of 2017- had previously visited the area and decided to return.

That is why we are not surprised that many of these tourists then decide to look for an investment opportunity in the area either for their retirement or to acquire a house or apartment to vacation, especially if they are going to return constantly.

As we have already mentioned is that Mexico is cheap compared to places like the United States, Canada or Europe, in fact, 44.2% -that is to say the most- of tourism at this time was from Europe, unlike the 31.5% from of the United States and 13.7% from Canada.

The tourist flow is one of the reasons to invest in Tulum since you can earn income by renting your property or you can start a business and if you want later, you can sell your property at a much higher price than the one you purchased at the beginning.

2. Ecotourism

Following the line of tourism, one of the things that make Tulum stand out from the rest is its ability to offer different experiences that can attract all kinds of people: clear beaches to rest and nightlife to have fun and the Mayan jungle for the adventure.

The truth is that Tulum has a very bohemian and adventurous vibe that is contagious, being surrounded by nature invites us to reflect and encourages us to carry out activities that make us connect with it.

Part of the elements that make Tulum a paradise for adventure are its nature reserves. Tulum itself is considered a natural park since 1981 by presidential decree thanks to the great variety of biodiversity that must be protected. For the same reason in 1987, UNESCO declared the reserve of Sian Ka'an as a world heritage site thanks to the presence of flora and fauna such as sea turtles, mangroves and petenes and the second largest reef in the world.

5 reasons to invest in Tulum
The reason why Tulum amazes the rest of the world is because of its variety in flora and fauna, which has made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

That is why we are not surprised by the existence of virgin beaches in Tulum, nor that its inhabitants have a very clear awareness of the importance of protecting the beaches and their inhabitants, especially those who are in danger of extinction.

So Tulum has become the first sustainable tourism zone in the country. This will allow the city to continue growing but in an orderly manner and following certain criteria to care for and preserve the environment that characterizes the place.

It is very common to ride a bicycle in Tulum. Did you know that you can travel through archaeological sites by bicycle? -and soon the installation of a bike path is expected. Activities such as Yoga and meditation are very popular among visitors who dare to use the landscape to connect with their more spiritual side.

Among the activities you can do are: snorkeling, swimming in cenotes, swimming with dolphins and others.

Investing in Tulum will allow you to be part of this movement and as we mentioned with tourism, you can have a property that you can rent or sell, this will give you more income and capital gain than buying properties in places like Mexico City.

And as we mentioned in Is sargassum really a problem for investors ?, Investment in Tulum is still safe.

3. Privileged location

We could say that Tulum is part of the famous Riviera Maya, a place of tourist interest for Mexico.

The Riviera Maya is located on the coasts of the state of Quintana Roo, from Isla Blanca to Punta Allen; Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Akumal are part of this route that connects all along the coast.

At first Tulum was only the name of the archaeological site, however, thanks to the increase in tourism, the population living in the municipality of Tulum decided to found the city of Tulum and make it the main municipality in 2008.

Tulum has 8 sister cities -including Valladolid- with which it establishes cultural and economic exchanges.

But when talking about location, we need to talk about real estate and the capital gain you can get in Tulum.

Generate extra income with your property and Airbnb we explained the possibilities that this platform is creating for those people who want to earn income with the rental of rooms and experiences.

That's why real estate developments in Tulum have become an investment prospect for those investors who are looking to secure their money and make a profit.

Banner of real estate developments in Tulum.

Tourists are not only looking to enjoy the beaches but also want to experience the paradise of Tulum in their own way. At least 9.1% of tourists who visit Tulum decide to visit nearby cities such as Valladolid or Holbox.

The privileged location of Tulum allows you to access places like Playa del Carmen or Cancun to learn more about the beauties that the coastline of Quintana Roo has to offer. Therefore, staying in an Airbnb can work more than doing it in a hotel, especially when Airbnb now allows you to announce experiences to your guests so they can decide to stay with you and live Tulum as if they were part of the city, and explore the local culture to the fullest.

More and more investors are looking to acquire property in Tulum as the constant tourist flow makes the occupancy of condos, hotels, and townhomes up.

4. Infrastructure and future investment

Part of the fears that some retirees have about Mexico is that the infrastructure is not up to par. From hospitals, roads and shops, foreigners who are looking to make Mexico their home for retirement are not very sure that the country is up to their respective countries of origin.

However, this is a myth.

Thanks to the economic waste that Tulum presents - in general, the Mayan Riviera - the government is increasingly concerned about making quality services a part of the daily life of residents and visitors of Tulum.

Privileging the connection with other cities and basic needs such as health services, infrastructure has been a very important part in the development of Tulum, especially now that they are considered the first sustainable tourism zone in the country.

In fact, part by which foreigners decide to live in Mexico is because health services -as well as taxes- are lower than in their countries. What allows them to access services such as dentists or hospitals in their respective countries would be impossible.

In addition, stores such as Costco, Walmart, as well as other foreign businesses and franchises are becoming more present in both Tulum and Mexico, without affecting the experience or environmental conditions of this beautiful city.

This is also one of the reasons why there is a tourist return, tourists not only fall in love with the beauty of the beaches but they also prove that those myths about Mexico as a country without water and without light are things of the past.

5 reasons to invest in Tulum
Tulum is a city that is extremely concerned about the environment, its inhabitants, as well as the tourists who visit it, are accustomed to riding a bicycle to explore the beauties of the beaches, the jungle and the city.

5. Return on investment

So far we have talked about the possibilities that Tulum represents for investors thanks to tourism, foreign and national investment and the excellent location it has.

That's why Tulum has become a spot of attention for individuals who are looking to secure and grow their money. And real estate or the real estate industry represents an excellent opportunity for them: the low costs of taxes, the insurance against inflation and the possibility of obtaining extra income and a greater return on investment.

Real estate is a long-term investment, -imagine how much your investment would have grown today if you had bought lots in Tulum 10 or 15 years ago-, however, generating income in the medium or short term is possible thanks to the rent of these properties.

Not only can you do it with Airbnb, for example our developments have the Lock Off system so you can maximize your investment, that is, they are designed so that each room can be used independently and if you decide to rent you can get more income.

As we explained to you at the point of the location, Tulum is currently a magnet for those who want to experience the city in every way: from hidden beaches to archaeological sites that have not yet been fully discovered, or regional food made by locals.

Only from 2016 to 2017 the tourist increase in Tulum increased by 76% which made it become the number one destination worldwide, which has attracted the attention of investors who see in this Mexican Caribbean city an opportunity to Take advantage of that economic waste.

Now that you have an idea of ​​why you should invest in Tulum, we want to recommend our definitive guide for the real estate investor so that you can continue to diversify your investment portfolio in the real estate industry and make your money grow even more.

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