Benefits of living near a shopping mall like La Isla Merida


August 27, 2020

Merida is a city that will make you fall in love with it.

It has many benefits, from security, education, culture, history, art, gastronomy and - of course - entertainment venues.

One of its main attractions, both for locals and tourists, is La Isla Mérida, one of the most beautiful, modern, exclusive and important shopping malls in the city.

Read on to learn about all the benefits of living near La Isla Mérida - as well as living in the north.

What is La Isla Merida like?

What's so special about this mall? Why does everyone want to live near it?

To begin with, La Isla Mérida is not a conventional shopping mall, because it has an interesting concept, which combines the luxury and comfort of an enclosed area and numerous shops, with a fresh open-air concept.

La Isla Mérida is an attraction that combines state-of-the-art technology with nature.

In fact, this shopping mall is one of the most striking in the city: it has an artificial lake, green areas, planters, fountains, benches and different establishments such as ice-cream parlours, restaurants, bars and cafés.

Moreover, it is a pet-friendly shopping mall, which means that you can walk your pet while doing your shopping.

What is the history of this shopping mall?

This project was created by the Mexican company GICSA, with an investment of 2,500 million pesos. This is the second shopping mall in the country with the Malltertainment concept, which seeks to improve the shopping experience of visitors by combining it with the best in entertainment.

And where is it located?

La Isla is a shopping mall that is part of the Cabo Norte residential development, in the north of Merida and a few kilometers from the city's periphery, near City Center.

As mentioned in our last articles, the north of Merida is known for its growth, capital gain and variety of services.

The shopping mall has exclusive options that offer activities for all family members.  It is a place where there is always something new to experience.

La Isla Mérida shopping mall
This development covers 180,000 m2 and is the largest shopping mall in southeast Mexico.

What to do in La Isla Merida?

La Isla Merida has a wide range of activities that you can check out online.Here you can read a little more about the activities you can do during your visit to the shopping mall:

1. Visit the shops

Live the experience by visiting the exclusive shops where you will find the items such as clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, fragrances and more.

Some of the brands you will find in La Isla are: Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Dorothy Gaynor, Zara, Mont Blanc, Tous and Pandora.

2. Services

The service shops to make your payments or acquire smartphones and accessories, as well as strategically located bank branches and ATMs, are some things that every shopping mall has.

In your walk around the mall, don't forget to visit the stores specialized in technology that sell the best video games, TVs, computers, mobile devices and a wide variety of electronics.

3. Restaurants

Within the facilities of the shopping mall, you can enjoy a delicious meal in any of the restaurants that satisfy all tastes.

Visit the many cafés where you can spend pleasant moments and, of course, don't forget to stop for a dessert, such as ice cream or donuts.

But if you are looking for a fun night out with your friends, your partner or to watch a good game, visit one of the bars, where you will find the best atmosphere.

4. Walk with pets

As we mentioned at the beginning, La Isla Merida allows you to walk your pets while enjoying the facilities. Thanks to the fact that it is a pet-friendly place, you will be able to find special containers and recommendations in strategic places in the shopping mall, to make your visit, accompanied by your pet, the best experience.

5. Slide

Experience the thrill of sliding down into a small pool full of colored balls. The slide is located next to the stairs inside the shopping mall.

The game is designed for ages 6 and up, minimum height of 120 cms and maximum weight of 80 kilos.

6. Barrio Frenezí

On the island you can find everything, even an amusement park inside the shopping mall. Without a doubt, you should not miss this new concept for fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Barrio Frenezí has four mechanical games (bumper cars, carousel, free fall, the rattle), three attractions (speed fire, hanging bridges and climbing wall) and games of skill (throwing cans, balls, buckets, hoops, balloons, basketball). You will also find classic arcade machines and air tables.

7. Playdome

The kids in the family will love it. Playdome is an entertainment center focused on learning through play. They offer activities such as early stimulation, childcare with safe and supervised play, ball pools, toy library, restaurant and much more.

This is the perfect option if you want your children to be entertained while you do your shopping, with the assurance that they will be well cared for and in a safe environment.

La Isla Mérida shopping mall
The technological vanguard makes possible the existence of the impressive dome that allows natural lighting, and also provides a beautiful view of the sky.

8. Hasbro in La Isla

Do you want to remember your childhood games? In the shopping mall you can find the classic Hasbro games in giant size.

Spend some quality time with your friends and family playing Guess Who?, Operation, Perfection and many more. The games are suitable for ages 5 to 99. Remember that you can find the schedules and requirements to participate in the billboard of the shopping mall.

9. Auditorium

If you are looking for the best place to enjoy great shows such as concerts, plays, dance, and children's shows, the La Isla Auditorium is the place to be.

The facilities are equipped with lifts for the disabled and the elderly.  Each level has a food and beverage bar service, and restrooms.

The venue has a capacity for 3100 people and can be extended to 4000 thanks to the retractable seating sections. The best thing is that from any place you will have good visibility to the stage.

10. Cinema

With a billboard that is suitable for all ages, going to the movies is the best option for spending an afternoon at the movies while enjoying some delicious popcorn and a wide variety of snacks and treats.

Live the cinema experience in the classic, 4DX and VIP cinemas in 2D and 3D formats.

11. Hot-air balloon

A unique experience. Admire the landscape at high altitude by taking a ride in the famous hot air balloon.

This is visible from more than 10 km away. Because of its bright yellow color, it is similar to the full moon and measures 27 meters in diameter, reaching an elevation of 150 meters.  

12. Activities at the lake

In addition to being able to walk along the beautiful boardwalk by the lake and feel the fresh afternoon breeze, the lake offers various water activities that you will love.

For example the Cable Park, which is the first water entertainment complex for skiing, kneeboarding or wakeskate thanks to a modern electronic system.

Benefits of living in the north of Merida

Merida is one of the best cities to live in Mexico, and therefore an excellent option to invest, thanks to the fact that it is rated as one of the safest cities in the world to live in by CEO World magazine.

The architecture, the peaceful streets and the growing development in culture and education, are some of the most important factors that have contributed to make Merida an excellent option for real estate investment.

The housing options are varied and adjust to the tastes and needs of each buyer, however, the most sought after properties are located in the north of the city.

Banner of real estate developments in Merida.

Why does everyone want to live in northern Merida?

The north is the best area to live thanks to the high level of security, access to services, hospitals, shopping malls and proximity to the beach.

These are the 5 main benefits of living in the north of Merida:

1. Capital gain

This area of the city is considered to have the highest capital gain, thanks to the fact that exclusive developments can be found here, offering all the luxury and comfort for residents.

In addition the real estate developments offer the best amenities, and the private residential ones have several exclusive services and comforts to enjoy at any time.

These are some of the great amenities that are included in a residential area in the north of the city:

  • Recreational areas
  • Gym
  • Sunbathing areas
  • Park and green areas
  • Events room
  • Pool
  • Court
  • BBQ terrace
  • Spa

For all these reasons, investing in a residential development in Merida is a safe bet that will allow you to improve your quality of life.

2. Modern designs

If you are thinking of buying a house, the residences north of Merida are undoubtedly the best option. The real estate developments in this area have the facilities to live comfortably at home with modern designs.

In the residences you will find a great variety of designs among which the classic, the minimalist for a sober and elegant appearance and more daring models with unconventional architecture stand out.

If you want to give your home your unique and personal touch the best option is to invest in a pre-sale lot. This way you will be able to build the house of your dreams from scratch.

Barlovento residencial Temozón
Barlovento residencial Temozón is an exclusive private residence located in the northern side of Mérida.

3. The best services

In the north of Merida you can find the best shopping malls in the city such as La Isla Malltertainment, The Harbor, City Center, Galerias and Altabrisa; as well as restaurants, banks, supermarkets and all the services you may need.

The best universities, schools and high level hospitals are located in this area.  In addition, there are several commercial projects underway that will enrich the privileged location of the residential areas in Merida.

4. High security

Many locals and foreigners decide to move to Merida in search of tranquility, and the northern area is the best option due to the security of the area.

You can appreciate quiet streets, permanent surveillance systems, allowing you to visit parks, shopping malls, sports centers and other tourist sites at any time of day.

Merida is characterized by having the best security systems in the exclusive residential complexes, this is a very important factor when making the best decision to buy a house.

5. Location near the beach

Many residences have several benefits in common, but only a few are located near the beach. Puerto Progreso is the closest beach, only half an hour away.

The best developments located in the north are close to the Merida-Progreso highway, a route you must take to visit the best beaches of the Yucatan coast.

There is nothing better than spending a weekend strolling on the beautiful malecon of Puerto Progreso, swimming in the sea, resting while listening to the waves, relaxing under a palapa with a drink in hand and tasting the best food from the restaurants overlooking the beach.

Barlovento residencial Temozón
Barlovento residencial Temozón is a real state development located near “La Isla Merida “.

Merida: the best place to live

Yucatan is one of the 5 states in Mexico with the greatest potential for real estate investment, thanks to the fact that Merida is one of the most sought-after cities for those who are looking for a more peaceful and happy life.

Merida is a city that will not stop surprising you with its activities open to the public that will allow you to learn about its history and culture.

In recent years it has become one of the most visited tourist destinations, and those who visit the city fall in love with it.

There are many benefits to buying a residence in Merida, especially if you want to invest in building your dream home, renting or reselling. Without a doubt this city is your best option for investment.

Residential lots are among the main investment options, since they allow you to acquire a property at a lower cost, guaranteeing your investment due to the high capital gain of the area.

To learn more, we suggest you read our article about 5 reasons to invest in Merida.

Living in Merida is an experience you will not regret.

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