8 public beaches in Tulum that you should visit

October 10, 2020

Tulum is an incredible place, that is why it is among the favorite destinations of Mexicans and foreigners for vacationing and even for living. 

As mentioned in other articles, Tulum -beach town in the Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo- is considered a top tourist destination thanks to all the natural resources in the area.

There are several places of interest in Quintana Roo such as Cancun or Isla Mujeres, but the Riviera Maya is not far behind in terms of the beauty of the beaches, natural resources and entertainment.  

Unlike other areas of the Riviera Maya, Tulum's atmosphere is more relaxed and perfect if you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a more natural environment.

Along the coasts of Tulum you will find beaches that remain semi virgin and with spectacular landscapes, compared to other crowded tourist areas. In this place you will have the opportunity to connect with nature like never before.

If something makes Tulum popular, it is the great variety of water sports that you will be able to try in the beaches, like snorkeling, paddle boarding and kayaking.

Although in Tulum, there are beautiful private beaches, which belong to luxury hotels like Playa Esperanza and Caleta Tankah, they are not more beautiful than the public ones.

Here is all you need to know about Tulum's public beaches and why you should visit them. 

1. Playa Paraiso

Playa Paraiso is one of the most popular beaches in the Riviera Maya, and is also considered the most beautiful beach in the Riviera Maya and the world. 

It stands out from other beaches because of its beautiful turquoise waters, white sand, the famous sloping palm tree and the nearby attractions.

What services can you find in this beach?

• Hotels with luxury services.
• Beach clubs.
• Restaurants and bars.
• Boat trips.

In Playa Paraiso there is the perfect balance between luxury and nature.  As in other beaches, all the hotels and stores dedicate efforts to preserve the environment and keep the beaches as virgin as possible. 

This beach is only one kilometer away from the impressive Tulum Ruins.Visiting this archaeological site is an experience you should not miss. 

In this beautiful place, the view of the sea is spectacular and you will want to swim after a tour of the site. 

Another attraction of this beach is the inclined palm tree, the favorite place for visitors to take pictures.  

Locals say that this palm tree is so inclined in an attempt to reach the sea. 

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Playa Paraiso, Tulum has everything you need to make your stay unforgettable.

the inclined palm tree in Playa Paraiso Tulum
Locals say that this palm tree is so inclined in an attempt to reach the sea. 

2. Pescadores beach

Before visiting this beautiful public beach in Tulum you should know that the signal and coverage are not very good. The positive side of this is that it allows you to get in touch with nature. 

It is an excellent place to relax from stress, enjoy the calm of the clear waters and admire the landscapes surrounded by the Mayan jungle. 

This beach is located near the archaeological site of Tulum and usually receives a large number of visitors because in this beach are most of the boats for tourism and fishing.

If you want to swim in this beach it is best to do it in an area away from the boats to prevent accidents.

The main attraction in Pescadores beach is the tour of the reef. 

This tour is usually in groups but you can hire a private one to enjoy the maximum experience of snorkeling while admiring the beauty of the reef and swimming with the sea turtles.  

For lunch, we suggest eating at one of the restaurants in the area, because they always have delicious dishes on their menu, with fresh seafood as the main ingredient.

In addition, this is the only pet-friendly beach in the area so your pet will not be excluded from the fun by the sea. 

Pescadores beach in Tulum
If you don't have the equipment to do the water activities, you can rent it from one of the establishments in the boat area.

3. Mirador beach 

To get to Mirador beach you need to access the road between Tulum and Boca Paila. Its privileged location gives you a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea and the small hills. 

As the name suggests, this beach is named after the viewpoint where you can take beautiful pictures and enjoy the sea breeze.

The atmosphere of this beach invites you to walk on the white sand and go from end to end, so you can feel the peace that conveys this place.    

If you want to swim, be careful because the beach is somewhat rocky, but there are non-stony places where you can enjoy the water without problems.

Near the beach you can find hotels and restaurants to make your stay more pleasant and enjoy some of the luxury amenities they offer.

Banner of real estate developments in Tulum.

4. Sian Ka'an Beach

The Sian Ka'an biosphere reserve is very important for the Riviera Maya and for all of Mexico, because it has a very extensive variety of flora and fauna, impressive coral reefs and is home to several protected species.

This natural reserve is the largest protected area of the Mexican Caribbean, besides having been declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. 

Therefore, Sian Ka'an beach has remained semi virgin and visiting it is a unique experience. 

Imagine starting the adventure in a 4 x 4 or boat trip admiring the beautiful landscape of the Mayan jungle and the blue sea. During the trip you will be able to see dolphins swimming nearby and other marine species.

Don't forget to visit the archaeological sites of Muyil and Coba to complete your adventure, as well as the cenotes in Coba.

If you want to visit this beach, try to wear light clothes without bright colors, use biodegradable products so as not to damage the environment.

Sian Ka´an Beach in Tulum
Sian Ka'an is a Mayan term meaning 'origin of heaven' or 'gateway to heaven'.

5. Santa Fe Beach

Santa Fe Beach is located next to Paraiso Beach, very close to the archaeological site of Tulum, so it is another excellent option to visit after the tour. 

Like most beaches in Tulum, here you will find restaurants and services to spend a pleasant day, but what makes this place special is the camping area. 

In the camping area you will find cabins for rent, perfect for a family, a group of friends or couples.

Many of those who visit this beach marvel at how white the sand is and the brilliant blue tones of the water.

If you are looking for a quiet place to spend a relaxed day this is the place. You will be able to enjoy a refreshing drink and the pleasant climate of Tulum.

Banner of real estate developments in the Riviera Maya.

6. Beach of the Ruins

This beach is at the exit to the sea of the area archaeological site of Tulum. The view of the beach from the site is impressive, and vice versa. 

In fact, this is the beach that appears in the famous photo of the main pyramid of Tulum showing the beauty of its waters. For that reason it is one of the tourist places of Tulum par excellence. 

The ruins of Tulum are the most visited archaeological site in Mexico after Chichen Itza and Teotihuacan. We suggest you go early to avoid crowds, and preferably hire a tour or a guide. 
Something that makes this beach and its ruins different is the presence of iguanas, inhabitants of that area, but do not worry, they are used to the presence of tourists and you can even take pictures with them if the occasion arises. 

From this beach you can also hire tours to go by boat to visit the coral reef to snorkel and swim with various marine species. 

Beach of the Ruins in Tulum
We suggest you go early to avoid crowds, and preferably hire a tour or a guide. 

7. Punta Piedra

This beach is not so crowded, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the waters with greater freedom, especially during the week. 

And this is mainly because it goes unnoticed by those who visit Tulum for the first time, but for those who live or plan to move here, this place is one of the main tourist attractions to spend the day. 

What makes it so special? 

It is one of the most photographed in Tulum because of its small bay on the coast and the viewpoints of the rocky cape. 

The landscape in this place is spectacular because you can admire the colors and shades of the sea and the sky as the hours of the day pass with a variety of very impressive tones. 

It is also an excellent beach for swimming and enjoying a calm and relaxed experience.

It also works as a camping area, so you won't find many luxury services but don't worry, it is close to other places with restaurants and stores. 

Punta Piedra in Tulum
If you want to improve your adventure in this place, you can go through the route by bicycle since one lane of the road has been adapted for this purpose. 

8. Boca Paila Beach

This beach is located south of Tulum within the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve. This is one of the semi virgin beaches because it is part of a protected area.

This is the best example of a pure beach surrounded by the Mayan jungle. You will find the most natural environment you can imagine, ideal to disconnect from everything and be in harmony with nature. 

If you are a fishing enthusiast you will love it, since it has a bridge that connects with Punta Allen making this beach a strategic place to get the best fish.

The road you take to get there - besides being amazing - is an unforgettable experience, because you will be able to observe a great variety of flora and fauna in the surroundings. 

However, since it is a protected area, you will not find any services inside the beach, so you should bring the necessary supplies for your stay, and of course be very respectful with nature while you are there. 

Boca Paila is perfect for camping and spending the night, thanks to the shallow waters on the shore, and the quiet and sheltered nature of the place. 

Why is Tulum the perfect place to retire?

Tulum is the ideal place to live. The answer is simple: Tulum has everything to make your retirement as pleasant as possible. 

Among the main reasons to move to Tulum is its location in the heart of the Riviera Maya, surrounded by other attractions such as Akumal and Puerto Morelos and if you feel like experiencing a more festive atmosphere you can find it in the bars of Playa del Carmen within walking distance. 

Another reason is that both the beaches and the tourist attractions are adapted to the type of adventure you want to have. 

You can spend a quiet day on the beach under a palapa with a refreshing drink in hand at one of the beach clubs, or swim in the cenotes of Coba.

You can also go hiking to explore the jungle in Sian Ka'an, or do ecotourism activities in one of the nearby theme parks such as Xel-Ha.

In addition, the climate of Tulum is very pleasant at any time of the year, with short rains and mild winters that do not prevent you from enjoying the activities available. 

As for the public beaches, visiting them is something you should do with more peace of mind, whether you decide to move to Tulum or invest in one of the popular vacation homes where, in addition to being able to stay every time you visit the area, you can earn extra income by renting it out when it is not in use, thus ensuring a home for your retirement. 

In Tulum there is always something new to explore and it requires time. Living in this place will be a permanent adventure, the amount of beaches in the Mayan Riviera that you should not miss and will not stop surprising you. 

Don't think about it anymore and invest in your future. In the article 'Reasons to invest in Tulum' you will learn all the benefits of acquiring a property in this area.

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