Reasons to invest in Mexico


June 24, 2020

Mexico is a country that offers many economic opportunities to those who can see it. From its natural beauties to its archaeological or architectural sites, tourism has increasingly become one of the economic forces in the country, accounting for 17% of GDP.

It is believed that by 2019, Mexico could expect an approximate of 43 million 603,000 tourists, increasing a greater economic income by 5.2% compared to last year.

However, Mexico does not only live off tourism. For example, the communications industry is one of the strongest in the country. As well as the manufacturing industry, especially the automotive industry that is recognized worldwide.

This has allowed Mexico to be placed as a profitable option for foreign investment. In the best places to invest in Mexico, we point out that one of the reasons why investors choose Mexico is because of the infrastructure that grows more and more in the country. Not only its roads and beaches; only since 2013, there are 18 companies that offer telephone and Internet services.

This is also related to the fact that Mexico's population average is 26 years. And we cannot forget the importance of Mexico in the consumption of the film industry, being this country one of the main consumers worldwide.

That is why we are not surprised when those who come to visit us fall in love with our country and all the possibilities it offers them.

Why should I invest?

Investing has become one of the concerns of many people. Among the structural adjustments that affect their retirement plans, the desire to retire earlier or the new ways of making money that brings technology and the Internet, it is increasingly common to find people who see in the investment an opportunity to grow their money.

Even if they are savers or have a culture of saving from a young age, more and more people are beginning to question whether saving at your bank really works for their future.

Reasons to invest in Mexico
Investing is one of the best ways to secure your money especially if you do it in real estate, where your money is even more protected against inflation.

Issues such as economic crises and inflation are on everyone's lips even when they do not understand how they happen or how they work. This also does not help people approach banking institutions to clarify their doubts, on the contrary, they look for alternative means to inform themselves and not fall into traps that in the future could harm them.

Today, more people are considering making good use of their savings to ensure a decent life in their future, or simply to increase their money.

Whatever your intention, we know that investing is not always easy at the beginning. The lack of knowledge on the subject, as well as fear,  are factors that influence, even when the person has all the intention to invest, the fear that it does not work can make them not try or worse, to put their money back in your little pig or under the bed.

That is why real estate continues to be one of the preferred markets for first-time investors because it guarantees that their money is insured against elements such as inflation. Even when the houses or properties that they acquire are located in other countries, the investors have the security of enjoying an excellent capital gain, their properties will increase in price or they will be managed in dollars. This also guarantees that your money stays the same or that it can increase.

In addition, investing in real estate makes them get more out of their money than having it saved in their piggy bank or saved in the bank, where the rates are very low and the earnings are minimum or no profits compared to acquiring a property. Not to mention that many investors see in the acquisition of a property an opportunity to earn extra income and more if they are in sites with a very high and constant flow of tourism.

Thus, your savings are not only generating more profits - due to the increase in property with the capital gain - but they are also helping you generate a fixed income if you know how to take advantage of your real estate investments.

Reasons to invest in Mexico

We already know that investing is the ideal way if you want your savings to increase. However, not everyone feels they can invest. Beyond the fear that it does not work, for some people investing in real estate means buying a house and living in it or remodel it. If they acquire it for rent, many consider that they do not have time to become a landlord or to be vigilant that their property is in optimal conditions all the time.

Fortunately, real estate investment is a very varied area that you can invest from a residential lot or an industrial lot to a real estate development in a resort complex. At the same time, you can rent them without the need to be present in the same place or do it exclusively in periods of time like holidays, so you can use your property and recover a little of your investment without having a fixed tenant.

Whatever your intention to buy, investing in Mexico is an opportunity that every day more foreigners - and Mexicans too - are taking advantage of. Especially when there are properties in a presale or are located in areas that will soon be inhabited thanks to educational institutions or health centers of the first level.

Now we will tell you what are the reasons to invest in Mexico that many foreigners and nationals have when betting on their future in our country.

Mexico is a large and diverse country

We always emphasize the beauty and culture of Mexico, but just as it is a country full of tradition, Mexico is also one of the countries with the largest population and one of the most important in the world. In fact, the Mexican territory is so large - it has 1,973 million square kilometers - that it is capable of accommodating 24 European countries; like the UK, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland and Austria among others.

This gives Mexico the ability to have different ecosystems and biodiversity. In things to do in Tulum, we told you about the ecological reserve of Sian Ka'an, unique in its kind thanks to its petenes and wide diversity, it is a place unmatched in the rest of the world. In addition to that, there also inhabits the second largest reef system in the world.

This is why the privileged location of Mexico has become a magnet for investment. Since it has the ability to import and export in our ports and its strategic location near the United States and Canada, not to mention tourism and our natural resources such as oil.

This is how Mexico is a country that attracts the investment of large companies that see opportunities in the diversity that the country has to enter industrial or tourist markets.

Reasons to invest in Mexico
Mexico is a very touristy place, but not only because of its beaches. The architecture of Mexico ranges from the magical towns and their picturesque churches.

Mexico is a highly tourist place

The diversity of Mexico attracts nationals and foreigners to enjoy the different areas that its territory covers. From adventure sports to gastronomy, more and more foreigners decide to enter the Mexican culture and get to know the country.

Areas such as the Riviera Maya and the Yucatan Peninsula are among the places with the greatest investment potential. In addition, they are becoming a point of attraction not only for those looking for fun and nightlife but also for those who want to have experienced close to nature and explored the Mayan culture; or for those looking for an area to relax and rest. In fact, the Mayan Riviera is one of the favorite places to visit with your partner.

For this reason, although the resorts offer unique experiences, more and more proposals such as Airbnb are being chosen by tourists seeking to experience Mexico on their own and thus be able to explore closely what the cities where they stay have to offer.

Sometimes tourists who come to the country often end up in love with culture and experiences; and they come up with ideas to make them even better, which in the end can become big business.

For example, there are foreigners who, for reasons of study, work or entertainment, ended up being temporary residents or experienced travelers in Mexico and decide to use their experiences and knowledge to provide similar experiences to tourists who come to visit the country.

Thus, it is increasingly popular for foreigners to decide to start their own business in Mexico obtaining extra income than in their home countries.

Real estate investment in Mexico can give you a higher return on investment

Another reason why foreigners see opportunities in Mexico is that it is cheaper than investing in their own countries. Especially when we talk about acquiring properties.

For example, investing in Mexico can give them a greater return on investment, especially if you decide to acquire a property in a highly tourist area. Areas such as Tulum have become popular thanks to ecotourism, so buying a real estate development in Tulum can be more profitable than doing it in the US, not only because it will be cheaper than buying a house in a tourist area and close to the beach -as Florida or California- also the capital gain of this tourist area will be growing.

Banner of real estate developments in Tulum.

All the diversity and natural beauty that places like Tulum offer to its visitors guarantee that these areas become points of attraction and economic growth that you can take advantage of in different ways such as renting your property.

You do not necessarily have to buy a property to rent it, Mexico has also become one of the favorite destinations for retired Canadians and Americans, who see on the coasts of the peninsula and its magical towns the opportunity to retire and have a peaceful life and quiet. As we told you about moving from Canada to Mexico in an easy way, you can spend half of the year here avoiding the intense cold and the other half in Canada with your family and friends, renting your property while you're away. This will help you generate extra income even if you are retired.

Mexican infrastructure and services are of good quality

One part of what many foreigners see in Mexico as a new opportunity to spend their retirement days is because Mexico is not that unsafe desert that the media shows. In fact, Mexican health services are one of the reasons that most attracts foreigners to reside in the country. Since the service is not only of good quality but they are cheaper than the prices compared in their countries.

In addition, Mexico is one of the countries with the most trade agreements. So it is open to foreign trade and is concerned to maintain good relations with the countries with which it trades. Since the privileged position of Mexico allows this to be an accessible point for the import and export of products, whether they are directed towards the country itself or to the countries that surround it.

Reasons to invest in Mexico
Mexico is a modern country and is a great platform to make commercial exchanges, its incredible location allows you to have access to countries such as the United States and Canada.

What are the best places to invest in Mexico?

Undoubtedly the Mayan Riviera, Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Mérida increasingly attract the attention of Mexicans and foreigners. It is not only because of its history and the culture that surrounds it or because of its traditions and its excellent cuisine, but also the recreational and adventure opportunities it offers its visitors.

It may be to go to the beach, meet sea turtles or visit archaeological sites that have not yet been discovered, the Yucatan Peninsula is becoming a benchmark for Mexico for the world. And we have not yet talked about the Mayan culture that generates curiosity and interest.

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