The 7 best beaches in Yucatan


June 24, 2020

Yucatan is one of the most important states in Mexico, and also has several beautiful beaches worth visiting.

This is one of the many reasons why Yucatan is one of the main tourist destinations in the country. From its incredible natural attractions to the high quality of life in Merida, there is always something new to discover in this state.

We have listed the best beaches in Yucatan for you to plan your next visit, so that you can enjoy all that these places have to offer.

1. Celestun

Celestun is one of the most famous and beautiful places in the Yucatan, as it is an important natural reserve in the area.

Celestun's crystal clear waters are perfect for relaxing from the hustle and bustle of the city, thanks to all the nature around it.

Thanks to the shallow depth, any member of the family can swim in the waters.

Celestun - as well as many nature reserves - is an earthly paradise, with a beautiful white sand beach, cenotes, mangroves, springs, petenes and a great variety of animal species.

Celestún is home to approximately 234 species of mammals, sea turtles, crocodiles, as well as some 300 species of birds.

In fact, the flamingo is one of the most outstanding birds in Celestún.

Admiring the pink flamingos in Celestún is a unique experience because they are considered the pinkest in the world. This is due to the concentration of carotene in the water of the reserve.

If you want to watch the pink flamingos, we recommend you hire some of the boat tours, in the winter season - between December and March - the season when most of these birds are seen.

The Baldiosera spring, which gives you a scenery of crystalline waters and green nature all around.

2. Progreso beach

Progreso beach is one of the most visited beaches by Merida residents because it is only half an hour away from the city.

The port of Progreso is very important for the Yucatan. Thanks to it, national and international maritime trade is a success.

Progreso beach.
Progreso beach is great to spend a Sunday, swim, sunbathe and relax.

The beautiful beach, the malecon, restaurants, the good vibe that is always present, and the parties that take place throughout the year, are some of the things you should not miss on your next visit.

There is nothing like walking along the malecon and feeling the sea breeze, while tasting a marquesita.

Besides, in Progreso you will find seafood restaurants just a few steps away from the beach. The advantage of this is that many of these restaurants take your food straight to the palapa, so you don't have to worry about anything.

3. Sisal

The Port of Sisal was the main port of the Yucatan for a long time, until the deepwater port of Progreso was opened.

Nowadays, Sisal is a very quiet place, with a beautiful beach that invites you to relax. It is a great place to spend Sunday afternoon with your family.

Sisal is located northwest of Merida, between the Port of Progreso and Celestun. To reach this place from Merida you have to take the Merida-Tetiz road to Hunucma, and then take the Hunucma-Sisal road.

Among the attractions of Sisal is its very beautiful historical dock, which has been remodeled several times, in which we recommend you to pass and take many pictures.

It also has several viewpoints where you can admire the landscape from above, feel the sea breeze and see some of the many migratory birds that live in Yucatan.

And what about the food?

Sisal, like Progreso, has several restaurants that offer a variety of seafood.

Thanks to its proximity to Merida, it is a very good option for an express trip. However, if you want to spend more time in this Yucatan beach you can also stay in a hotel.

4. The Coloradas

The pink water of Coloradas in Yucatan is proof of how beautiful nature is.

The Coloradas beach is not suitable for swimming, but it is a must-visit tourist destination. The landscape will take your breath away.

But why shouldn't you swim in the pink waters of the Coloradas? It is forbidden to swim in it because its salt concentration is so high that it could be harmful to your skin.

The Coloradas.
Las Coloradas is located in the municipality of Rio Lagartos, about two and a half hours from Merida.

You are probably wondering how it is possible that there is a beach with pink water. The amount of salt, the intensity of the sun and the Dunaliella salina algae are responsible for this natural wonder.

Sunlight affects the intensity of the pink colour. Between 12:00 and 15:00 the time when it looks the pinkest.

That's why -in spite of not being completely open to the public-, Las Coloradas is one of the best beaches in Yucatan.

5. Santa Clara

Santa Clara is part of the so-called Emerald Coast, which extends almost 100 km from Chuburna to Dzilam.

Santa Clara beach is smaller than the beaches mentioned above. This is a fishing area, so you won't find as many restaurants as in other places.

Santa Clara.
Santa Clara is the perfect place to escape from routine.

We suggest you drive around the whole area of the emerald coast to admire the landscapes, the beautiful waters and watch some flamingos.

6. Telchac Puerto

Like Santa Clara, Telchac Puerto is also part of the Emerald Coast.

This beach in the Yucatan is located near San Crisanto and Santa Clara. To get to Telchac Puerto from Merida, you have to travel along the Merida-Motul highway and then along the Motul-Telchac Puerto highway. It is approximately 1 hour from Merida.

It is very important that you remember that Telchac Puerto is the place where there is a beach, since there is another place called Telchac Pueblo, located further south.

So what can you do here? Like the other beaches on the Costa Smeralda, this place has a relaxed atmosphere and is the favorite beach for visitors who want to relax from the crowded places.

Telchac Puerto.
Watching the sunset on the Malecon in Telchac Puerto is an experience not to be missed.

Also, if you like to visit museums, at the Museum of the Sea, you will learn more about seashells and the Yucatan coast.

In Telchac you can also admire the natural beauty of the flamingos. So if you haven't had a chance to see these wonderful birds anywhere else, try Telchac Puerto.

7. San Crisanto

San Crisanto beach is another untouched beach in the Yucatan that should not be missed, as it is perfect for an ecotourism adventure.

San Crisanto is located east of Progreso and Telchac. So if you want to get there from Merida you have to take the same route to Telchac. The trip takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.

This is a village that is dedicated to fishing; its beach stands out from the rest because it is kept intact, it is always clean and the waters are the clearest in the area.

The mangroves are some of the main tourist attractions of San Crisanto. You can take a boat tour, which covers the entire area to Cenote Bravo, also known as Cenote Dzonot-Tzik.

San Crisanto.
The preservation of nature is something that the locals take very seriously and they are aware of the importance of the mangroves, the beach and the biodiversity of the area.

Without a doubt, if you want to visit the beaches in Yucatan, you should include San Crisanto in your schedule.

Where else to go in Yucatan?

But if you still feel like exploring beaches, we suggest a couple more that you can visit in Yucatan:

  • Chuburna Puerto: It's a beach with clear water, great for swimming, fishing and enjoying a delicious dish in any of the restaurants in the area.
  • Dzilam de Bravo: It is a historic port that was very important during the colonial era. Nowadays it is a quiet fishing port.
  • Chicxulub: In this place is the epicenter of the asteroid that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.
  • Chelem Beach: It is a great beach to go for a walk, and to go through the mangroves of the Chelem estuary.
  • El Cuyo: A beach near Cancun where you can also see pink flamingos, besides kayaking.
Banner of real estate developments in Merida.

Another place you should visit is the Alacranes Reef National Park.

This place is a group of islands just in front of Progreso, and in this area you can find the biggest coral structures there.

Besides the beaches, the archaeological site of Chichen Itza is a must-visit tourist attraction.

In Yucatan there is always something new to visit, such as the cenotes, museums, parks and other tourist attractions in Merida.

Yucatan, a great place to invest

Yucatan has many advantages and - as we mentioned at the beginning - one of them is the number of beautiful beaches with white sand.

Visiting these beaches helps you to relax, connect with nature, admire dreamy landscapes, and live unique experiences.

Yucatan is one of the best places to invest in real estate in Mexico thanks to the high capital gain in the area.

By having a home in Merida, you will be able to visit the beaches at any time, and you will be ensuring the future of your family.

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