The best cities to live in Mexico


June 24, 2020

Living in Mexico is an adventure. The incredible culture full of color and flavors makes our country one of the most attractive places either to think about retirement or to live in it.

However, one of the factors that most generate doubts -even for the citizens of the country- is tranquility, because everyone are looking to increase their life quality.

There are many myths about living in Mexico. For example, some people from other countries are surprised when they visit our country and discover that there are more regions of biodiversity than just the desert, and of course, we don’t blame them about being surprised.

Even Mexicans we still don’t know a lot of places around the Mexican republic and take the chance to explore all the natural beauty that our country can offer.

You only need to travel to the south of the country to know the beautiful jungle areas and the forests of Chiapas, or go southeast to marvel at the culture of the Yucatan Peninsula and the Riviera Maya with its paradisiacal beaches.

One of the reasons for living in Mexico is that it is synonymous with culture and tradition. And a clear example of this are the architectural samples that go from the pre-Columbian to the colonial, which mix the different historical stages through which our country has been forged.

A combination that isn’t only present in art but also in the festivities of the country. Celebrations such as the “Day of the Dead” and the festivities are perfect examples of what Mexico can offer the world, without counting all the archaeological sites that have little by little made the country a magnet for visitors of all nationalities.

How to choose the best city to live in Mexico?

Any change generates fear and especially when we are deciding a new city which we are going to live. It's not just about a house, or the area where it is located, it's about what the city can offer you and your family: entertainment, food, municipal services, tourist attractions and weather.

The important thing is to analyze the possibilities and the capacity of the city so that you can develop and live fully.

So before choosing the place you should ask yourself what are you looking for and establish a list of priorities about what you consider most important for your upgrowth.
Maybe one of the most important things for you is your connection with nature, so being able to do outdoor activities is one of your concerns or in other hand for others it may be that connectivity with services such as schools, or the development of certain industries are more important, as well as for others, the climate of the city is a determining factor.

The best cities to live in Mexico
Merida is full of culture and tranquility, that's why it's becoming one of the favorites cities to retirement and real estate investment.

Another point to consider is when you decide which is the best city for you, is the social cohesion of it’s inhabitants. It has been shown that the communities that are better connected and more participative are happier and, therefore, have a better life quality.

This can be very attractive especially for foreigners seeking a region where the sense of community develops in a healthy environment where they can live together and create meaningful relationships with the people around them.

One of the most determining factors when we refer to Mexico is tranquility and we aren’t only talking about noise, but also the assurance that the chosen city is ideal for long-term investment as it is growing enough for governments to be interested in improving services and industries ready to invest and create new jobs and economic opportunities.

Now that you know what your priorities are, it’s time to present our selection of the best cities to live in Mexico, with the intention of helping you choose the one that best suits your life plan and what you would like to achieve.

We chose locations that stand out for their peaceful conditions, the quality of life of it’s citizens and the growth boom they are having, at the end of this article you can choose the one that best suits you according to your interests and priorities.

The best cities to live in Mexico


Merida has positioned itself as one of the best cities to live in Mexico thanks to the calm and tranquility that the so-called white city offers. And not only that, the mix between the architecture, the proximity of the city with the beach, and the lifestyle full of traditions influenced by the Mayan culture, make the Merida one of the favorite destinations for foreigners as well as for countrymen.

The growth of the city has become an attraction for those who want to enjoy the entertainment and life style like big cities without having to live with the collective stress of traffic and pollution.

This is also an opportunity for those who are looking to invest in Merida. The growth of Merida is taking place in the north of the city- is due to the increase of school services such as universities, and the construction of commercial plazas, as well as the increase of artistic shows like concerts and international events. In fact, one of the best areas to live in Merida is the north, thanks to this growth.

Another attraction of Merida is the satisfaction of is municipal services is above the average in Mexico, services ranging from garbage collection to free Internet services, the promotion of tourism and the organization of cultural and sporting events.

The tranquility, the warm climate and the fact that the area is free of earthquakes, makes Merida one of the favorite cities for retired foreigners -also Mexicans fleeing from the traffic and noise of Mexico City- Retired foreigners see in the city an opportunity to enjoy their retirement in the midst of culture and tradition, accompanied by a wide and delicious gastronomic industry.

Banner of real estate developments in Merida.


If you want to live on the beach, Tulum is the place for you. The town located in the heart of the Riviera Maya is characterized by its connection with nature to such an extent that one of the purposes of the city in the coming years is to turn Tulum into the capital of the bicycle. Also, it is one of the best places to retire.

With the construction of a cycleway over 60km, and with a boost to alternative tourism or adventure tourism, is expected that Tulum consolidates its position as one of the most important places in the country for both tourism and for those seeking to relax and be in touch with nature in his retirement.

The archaeological zone that has the same name - which means “Wall” in Mayan - is one of the main tourist attractions, and the highlight of the Riviera Maya, full of restaurants and resorts, which unlike cities like Cancun or Playa del Carmen, are more focused on leading a relaxed and natural lifestyle.

And you cannot only access the beaches. If you want to know and have access to the Mayan culture, the cenotes are ideal to discover some of the beauties that Mexico can offer you.

If you are thinking of Tulum, we recommend finding a Townhouse that suits your security needs.

The best cities to live in Mexico
Tulum is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, so the beach and the mayan jungle are elements you should enjoy fully, especially if you're thinking in invest in Tulum.

San Pedro Garza García

Located in the State of Nuevo León, San Pedro Garza García is one of the most enigmatic cities in Mexico. The security and specialization of the works developed there have made it one of the most expensive and ideal cities for regional offices.

However, not everything is work in San Pedro, one of the biggest attractions of the municipality is that it’s located in a wooded region that allows to perform outdoor activities, especially for the presence of Chipinque Ecological Park where you can find from white tail deer to black bears, cougars and coyotes. What makes it one of the most important ecotourism attractions of the State of Nuevo Leon and the country, a small sample of everything that Mexico has to offer.

Is not surprising that San Pedro Garza García is one of the municipalities that generates the highest income per person in the country and in Latin America.

The city is characterized by its shopping centers and modern architecture, is the perfect example that Mexico is almost located at the level of big cities around the world.

The nightlife is characterized by the variety of international five-star restaurants, and museums that offer the ideal lifestyle for those who enjoy their work and are looking for the ideal complement for hanging out.

The best cities to live in Mexico
San Pedro Garza García generates the highest income per person in the country, that's why is not surprise that their night life is full with variety.


Saltillo is located in the State of Coahuila, in the north of the country. One of the most outstanding aspects of this city is the number of universities that are in it, which is reflected in one of the main purposes for the government is to make Saltillo one of the cities with the best educational system in the country.

If one of your objectives to live in Mexico involves the education of your children or start a business related to education -or maybe you are a teacher- Saltillo is the ideal city for you.

Saltillo is also positioning as one of the cities with the highest boom in the automotive industry this start to attracting a big number of interested people in the area.

At the same time Saltillo has made an effort to maintain the tranquility of its inhabitants, so if you are looking to grow as a professional and feel calm, this is the perfect place for you. Saltillo is a city where tranquility is a fundamental part of its growth.

The best cities to live in Mexico
Saltillo it's becoming an ideal city for young college students thanks to the diversity of schools that inhabit in it.

In conclusion

Issues such as tranquility or simply wanting a different lifestyle can lead you to consider wanting to move out of town.

The most important thing is you have to keep in mind what your priorities are and what are you most interested in the city you want to live. Is the environment that it offers? The perfect weather? A quiet place where you can take your family or children to have a healthy life?

Setting your priorities will help you understand the type of city you are looking for, whether to move or start planning your retirement.

Although Mexico has a lot of diversity, part of the elements that are attracting most of these cities is the increase in job opportunities, the geographical situation where they are located and the cultural activities that take place in the cities, in order to guarantee a better quality for you and your family.

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