The best places to retire in Mexico


June 24, 2020

Retiring in Mexico can be a dream for many people: the climate, the culture, the relatively economic that is compared to their country, Mexico turns out to be a paradise for all those who decide to spend the best of their lives in our beaches or magical towns.

Although it sounds very exciting, living in Mexico for some people represents fears and doubts. This is because most of the expatriates are afraid of the insecurity that exists in the country.

As Mexicans we are not surprised to know this, violence is something that is heard every day throughout the country in general, but the truth is not all states in the Mexican Republic are the same. In fact, many of the people who come to our country are surprised to see the great diversity that exists, not only in terms of climates and regions, but also in the different cultures that emerge to make way for a great country full of culture and lifetime.

Something that characterizes Mexicans is their sense of humor and their love for life. Even when they celebrate death - as in our already traditional "day of the dead". Mexicans are responsible for making great parties and show that in the country everything can be celebrated and there is always space for a friend when it’s time to celebrate.

That’s why Mexico has become one of the main imperatives of foreigners, like Canadians and Americans, because moving from Canada to Mexico is easy, because of the proximity of their respective countries, the increase of the life quality in their cities, the free services that are developed and the growing communities of foreigners who come to our country to enjoy what we have to offer.

The best places to retire in Mexico
The weather, culture, or the access to cheaper services are a few of the reasons why Mexico is so attractive for the retirement.

Why is Mexico the ideal place for retirement?

If you are thinking about retirement in Mexico it’s very likely that you have already passed one of the following points in your head.

Mexico is cheap

The fact is Mexico is cheaper compared to Canada or the United States and we're not just talking about rent. The cost of living in the country is very low, even medical services are more accessible. This makes many foreigners decide to come to our country and make use of them.

Another factor that influences the economy of retirees is our currency. One US dollar is equivalent to $ 19.05 Mexican pesos; while the Canadian dollar is equivalent to 14.52 Mexican pesos.

For foreign, this means Mexico is synonymous for a good investment of their savings, this is because their money has a higher value. In fact, the money needed to retire in Mexico is more accessible than in its countries of origin.

The quality of life is higher

Quality of life is another reason to live in Mexico. When we talk about quality of life we ​​refer to all the factors that influence so that someone can live in the best way and achieve their personal development, and this is something that many people find possible and accessible in Mexico.

The weather is one of the elements that influences a lot because depending on the area where you decide to retire you can be in a constant summer with a pleasant climate, this is more attractive to foreigners than the long, cold winters they are accustomed in their countries. An example is the climate of Tulum.

What about the nature of this country? One of the reasons that many people dream of retiring here is because Mexico has a wide flora and fauna, beautiful beaches, the architecture of its cities and magical towns. Mexico is a country with a lot of culture as well as the varied and delicious gastronomy, even the streets full of history, music and artists, that all together make the country a true Paradise and when you are looking for is to get away from the big cities it’s good idea keep in mind this information. Maybe we are highlighting the good things that Mexico has and how beautiful and peaceful can be.

But the reality is that it’s one of the most important countries in Latin America and is the heart of several industries that generate strong economic income -in fact, e-commerce is one of the industries that has grown the most in recent years-, so you should not fear losing yourself from civilization and technology.

The best places to retire in Mexico
Merida, Yucatan is one of the favorite cities for the retirement since is 20 minutes from the beach. Their cultural diversity extends in every way: the architecture, traditions, food, etc.

Language is not a problem

Perhaps another of the biggest fears of those who want to retire in Mexico is that the predominant language is Spanish. Fortunately that is no longer a problem.

Spanish is a language that can be learned, and in our defense, it is not that complicated - thanks to the groups of retirees that have been forming, there are communities where it is normal to speak only English. In fact, Mexico is a country with a great diversity of languages, it is believed that there can be more than 350 variants. So speaking a different language is not a problem. Many Mexicans in tourist areas such as the Riviera Maya or Merida, speak English and can communicate without problems with the natives of this language.

Health services are accessible

As we have already mentioned, one of the advantages that many foreigners see in Mexico is the accessibility of services that in their respective countries are very expensive or almost inaccessible.

In the case of Mexico for retirees, you can hire a special insurance for foreigners that suits your needs. Even when you do not have one, we assure you that health services are cheaper and this does not diminish the quality, especially in areas such as dentistry that is too expensive in other countries.

Now that you know the reasons why Mexico is one of the favorite countries for retirement. We will mention the best places to retire in Mexico, so that you can encourage yourself to look for more information about them and start putting together your retirement plan as soon as possible.

The best places to retire in Mexico

Planning is the key to retiring in Mexico. because it is about leaving everything ready to start living the retreat without any worries.

Issues such as permits or visas, rent or purchase contracts, even insurance policies, absolutely everything must be in order for your safety and tranquility. So before buying or renting make sure the real estate is reliable and has experience in the field.

We're already told you what are the the best cities to live in Mexico but the cities that we are going to present to you next are one of the favorites for the foreigners' retirement in Mexico thanks to the cultural diversity, the lifestyle and the sense of community that they find in them.

Remember that before you buy, is important you check it out Everything you need to know before buying a property in Mexico so you can have all your papers in order so you can enjoy your experience without any problem.

Merida Yucatan

Little by little, Merida has become one of the favorite cities for retired people in Mexico. Perhaps because of the warm climate and closeness of the beaches such as Puerto de Progreso located just 20 minutes from the city, or because of the tranquility and security that they feel and have become the main characteristics of Merida, same reason why become a great attraction for all those who want to rest and enjoy everything they have worked throughout their lives.

The city of Merida combines tradition with modernity very well, in it you cannot only enjoy and appreciate the best of the Mayan culture but you can also walk through its shopping centers and even enjoy its attractions such as museums, theaters, and cultural activities that the city council offers periodically.

Also, investing in real estate developments in Merida is an excellent option to growing your retirement savings, especially because Merida is becoming in one of the safest and prosper cities of the country.

Banner of real estate developments in Merida.

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

Playa del Carmen is becoming one of the most important places in the State of Quintana Roo and the Yucatan Peninsula because of its cosmopolitan nightlife. If what you are looking for is to enjoy living on the beach without losing all the comfort and entertainment that the shops, restaurants and entertainment centers located on Fifth Avenue can offer you, it is the ideal place. This place is famous for its showcases and great diversity of products without losing its cultural essence that characterizes the area.

It’s part of the Riviera Maya, one of the fastest growing tourist spots in the country, so buying a real estate development in Playa del Carmen has become a source of income for some foreigners who decide to rent them while spending time with their families in their countries.

The best places to retire in Mexico
Playa del Carmen is a cosmopolitan city with an incredible night life. Get the best of the beach and the big cities in one place.

Tulum, Quintana Roo

Like Playa del Carmen, Tulum is one of the cities that is part of the famous Riviera Maya, and is another place that has been attracting many foreign retirees.

One of the reasons that the Riviera Maya is a paradise for retirement and vacations is thanks to its beautiful beaches.

Or also when you see the cenotes and the archaeological zone that has the same name as the city. There is no more beautiful view to see the Caribbean Sea from the castle of Tulum and admire and enjoy the greatness of the Mayan culture.

One of the great advantages offered by Tulum to foreigners is the calm and contact with nature without losing comfort, ideal for those who enjoy doing outdoor activities or relax and enjoy the beach.

That's why our real estate developments in Tulum are characterized for their concept and design created by the need of being always in touch with nature to enjoy the best of the most prosper and beautiful touristic zone of the country.

The best places to retire in Mexico
If what you're looking for is being in contact with nature, tranquility and comfort, Tulum is the place for you. You can also bet for real estate developments in the Riviera Maya if what you're looking for is being close to beaches and this side of the country.

Lake Chapala, Jalisco

This city could also be called a retirement community because of its popularity among expatriates. The climate, the lifestyle, the people, and the culture are some of the reasons why its inhabitants adore this place and decide to spend their retirement.

It has become one of the largest communities of retirees throughout Mexico, with a community of 20,000 inhabitants, which has led to the fact that in certain regions only English is spoken. However, this does not mean that Lake Chapala loses its unique sense that characterizes it and, on the contrary, invites those who inhabit it to be part of it, its community and its culture.

If you want to live in a place where the community is the most important, this place is for you.

The best places to retire in Mexico
Lake Chapala is, besides the largest lake in Mexico, counts with the largest community of expats of the country.

Ensenada, Baja California

Like Merida, Ensenada is a big city but in a slightly smaller version. This city is ideal for those foreigners who want to make the transition from their native country to Mexico but do not want to get far from home because Ensenada is only an hour from the border, which allows them to easily cross into their country or connect with International airports with connections to virtually the entire world.
This option can be ideal if you are thinking about retirement in Mexico but you are worried about leaving your family for a long time, in Ensenada the distance is more accessible than in places like Tulum or Playa del Carmen and, thanks to the proximity to the border, A large part of the inhabitants already speak English, they have the most international franchises that could make you not so strange your country and the customs are a great mix of cultures.

For the same reason, if your intention is to explore Mexican culture, perhaps Ensenada is not your thing because while in Merida we celebrate Hanal Pixán - the equivalent of Day of the Dead in the Mayan culture - in Ensenada they celebrate Halloween, just like in the USA.

The best places to retire in Mexico
Ensenada, Baja California is very attractive to the expats since is so close from the border and they can travel back constantly to their families at the same time they can enjoy the access to cheaper services like the health industry.

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas

San Cristóbal has one of the best climates of the republic, Chiapas being an ideal State to grow coffee and cocoa.

It is the perfect example of the incredible biodiversity that exists in Mexico when the warm - humid climate, typical of the Lacandon Jungle, and the temperate - humid climate typical of the sierras and plateaus converge.

The wealth of Chiapas, in terms of flora and fauna, has made it one of the favorite destinations for retirement in Mexico.

One of the opportunities that San Cristóbal de las Casas offers its visitors is to be able to coexist with the culture and the best of the Mexican bohemian side: nothing like having a coffee while walking down the street and listening to musicians and artists performing their pieces or doing his acts. In addition to that you can enjoy all the natural beauties that the State of Chiapas has to offer: the sinkhole canyon, lakes, waterfalls, the archaeological site of Palenque, and so on.

If what you are looking for is to launch the adventure and return home to enjoy a quiet night but full of life, San Cristobal de las Casas is for you.

Los mejores lugares para retirarse en México
San Cristobal de las Casas is a city full of culture and color. The weather is ideal to enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate while you're take a walk on their streets.

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

San Miguel de Allende is perhaps the epitome of Mexican culture, and of what we colloquially call a magical town.

Located 3 hours from Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO thanks to its architecture, cultural scene and importance in the history of the construction of Mexico as we know it.

San Miguel de Allende is ideal if what you are looking for is to explore Mexico and know its culture. In fact, the city is very famous for hosting events such as the International Film Festival of Guanajuato, so if you want to experience an environment full of culture and tranquility, this place is ideal for you.

The best places to retire in Mexico
it could say that San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato is Mexico in their splendor. Is ideal if you want to experience the culture that our country has to offer.

In conclusion

If you are thinking about retirement in Mexico, the first thing you should consider is the lifestyle you would like to have and what your priorities are.

If what you want is to rest in a paradisiacal destination, the Riviera Maya could be for you.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for the best of a city without so much stress and that allows you to be close to the beach, Merida could be for you.

But if you want to be close to your grandchildren or family, without losing your lifestyle, Ensenada is a city full of expatriates that could be more suited to your needs.

And if what you really want is to enjoy and live Mexico to the fullest, San Cristobal de las Casas, Lake Chapala or San Miguel de Allende may be the best options.

Whatever your intention, or the type of retirement you wish to have, we hope our suggestions will be very helpful and you can have a better idea of what you should consider when making your retirement plans and the cities where you could live in Mexico.

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