Things to do in Tulum


February 24, 2020

Tulum has become one of the favorite places for both vacationing and living. The reason? Its incredible natural beauty that allows you to be in paradise.

The beauty of the Mayan jungle combines perfectly with the archaeological site by which it carries the same name and that some years ago was probably one of the only reasons for visiting this area.

However, Tulum is no longer that small city that used to be, it has become an exclusive tourist site where nature and the comfort of the real estate developments and services that it has now, make Tulum a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Therefore, we are not surprised by all the ecotourism experiences that the city offers. Since being located within the famous Mayan Riviera is to be expected the tourist abundance that Tulum has. However, unlike cities such as Cancun or Playa del Carmen where the lifestyle is linked to nightlife or urbanization of the big cosmopolitan cities, in Tulum, the charm that surrounds the small city is the Bohemian essence.

Being in constant contact with nature, the sea breeze, and the beach, Tulum invites us to connect with ourselves and at the same time to explore and get into the adventure. That is why the real estate developments in Tulum have become the best option for those who decide to retire and live in paradise

Whether you are thinking about visiting Tulum or as a possibility for your retirement, we prepare a list of activities you can enjoy in Tulum.

Things to do in Tulum

Things to do in Tulum

Enjoy the beach and the jungle

The first point may be obvious but it is one of the most satisfying experiences that anyone who visits Tulum can't let go. The white sand contrasts with the intense blue-green of the sea. In addition, the jungle that surrounds the coast makes this experience completely different. This is one of the reasons why many tourists find Tulum an extremely spiritual city.

There are several options to enjoy the beach. For example, Playa Paraíso is one of the most famous public beaches and is only one kilometer from the archaeological site of Tulum. In Playa Paraiso, you can also find options like snorkeling.

Did you know that Tulum has one of the largest reefs in the world? In fact, it is the second largest. Activities like snorkeling allow you to enjoy this ecosystem formed by microscopic organisms, which in total account for 25% of marine life.

There are also tours that allow you to see the sea turtles. Of course, these tours and guided activities have an extra cost. But you can simply enjoy Playa Paraiso either by swimming on the beach or sunbathing on the white sand.

But if you want to go with your family and enjoy the beach while you eat something, Playa Santa Fe is the option for you, as it will allow you to enjoy the restaurants and shops while you enjoy the view or while your family can have fun on the beach. There is also rent of cabins in case you decide to stay to sleep in Playa Santa Fe. Another tip that we give you is that it does not have a place of parking for cars, part of the charm of this place is that many tourists arrive by bicycle.

There are other beaches that you can explore but that do not even have electricity and telephony services. For many tourists, this becomes an ideal place to isolate and get away from modernity.

Playa Paraiso has an emblematic palm tree that has also become a symbol and point of attraction for tourists who want to take a selfie and upload it to their social networks.

Visit the archaeological sites

The archaeological site of Tulum is one of the most emblematic sites of the city, possibly the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the archaeological sites that you can visit, but there are more ruins that you should know and explore.


The archaeological zone has access from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The last public access is at 4:30 pm. The cost of the entrance is approximately 70 Mexican pesos which include access to the beach and the archaeological ruins, where you can swim and observe the famous castle of Tulum, one of the main tourist attractions of the place.

There you can also find tours and boat trips and even snorkeling. And for sure an iguana can crosses on your way because they are inhabitants of the area and are part of its ecosystem.

Things to do in Tulum
From the castle of Tulum, you can see the beauty of the sea and the Mayan jungle, a spectacle of the immensity and greatness of nature.


Coba it could mean "chopped water". We say this because within the possible meanings, "chopped water" would be the most appropriate since Coba is located near 5 lakes, which made this city prosper easily.

When visiting Cobá we can feel that we are facing an archaeological adventure, discovering little by little this city that also has one of the largest production of trails in the region, which are believed to be monuments that documented the life of the monarchs. Thanks to this we can know that Cobá was one of the cities with the greatest female rulers.

There are many ways to explore Cobá. For example, you can explore part of the ruins by bike, you can even stay in the town that has the same name and visits the lagoon that is near the archaeological site, where you can see the crocodiles that live there.

Things to do in Tulum
Although it is not as well-known as Tulum. Cobá has his own magic. Their vestiges still to be discovered make us feel that we are on an expedition mission in the Maya jungle.


Like Cobá, Muyil is a hidden gem within the protected reserve of Sian Ka'an and is one of the 23 archaeological sites located in this reserve. There are still discoveries to be made in the archaeological zone, there is a part that is still closed to the public.

In fact, Muyil gets his name thanks to the two lakes that surround him: Muyil and Chunyché. So we still do not really know what the real name of what was one of the most important cities for trade in the area is.

In Muyil you can appreciate the castle, as well as having the opportunity to enjoy boat rides -with an extra cost- in which you can enjoy the lagoons that surround this place. Nowadays, it has become another point of attraction for foreigners and nationals thanks to the popularity of Sian Ka'an -as in the case of Cobá-, also thanks to the experience of being able to enter the Maya jungle in a very important and full of history.

Things to do in Tulum
The castle of Muyil is 17 meters high and is one of the main tourist attractions of the archaeological site; however the charm of Muyil lies in being hidden in the middle of the Mayan jungle, an experience that you cannot miss when you visit Tulum, it is approximately 20 minutes from the archaeological zone of Tulum.

The nature reserve of Sian Ka'an

Talking about Muyil, we have to mention the protected nature reserve of Sian Ka'an. It is a natural reserve considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1987. Its name in Mayan means "door of heaven" or "the place where the sky begins", and thanks to the biodiversity that inhabits there, we are sure that it is a paradise on earth.

Part of what makes Sian Ka'an a world heritage site are its mangroves and "petenes". The petenes -which are unique in their type it only found in Florida and Cuba as well as the Yucatan peninsula- are very sensitive systems, so the presence of urbanization can greatly affect their existence.

That is why Sian Ka'an is considered a virgin town because it has a great species of flora and fauna that needs and must be preserved as jaguars, pumas, turtles -whose 4 species are in danger of extinction-, monkeys, manatees, crocodiles and numerous species of birds.

These are the Petenes that are located in Sian Ka'an, which are a very important part of our ecosystem since they are the only ones of their kind in Mexico. Sian Ka'an is famous thanks to the presence of dolphins and also for its guided tours where you can discover and explore this incredible nature reserve. Some of the recommendations you should consider are closely related to the preservation of the place.

The value of Sian Ka'an is incalculable for humanity because it is also part of the aqueduct system of the Yucatan Peninsula. Tourists are asked to follow the instructions of the guides and qualified personnel and avoid throwing away any liquid or something strange that could damage the ecosystem in the area or damage the flora and fauna.

In the same way, we recommend that you use biodegradable sunscreen, this is an important recommendation that you should follow, as well as not wearing very colorful or eye-catching clothing and very important, not to take anything from the place as a "souvenir" or introduce animals that can alter the ecosystem

Explore the local culture

After touring the ruins and wonders that Tulum offers, you are probably thinking of doing something more peaceful at night. Nothing better to explore the local culture than delight with the food.

By now you have an idea why Tulum has a very bohemian vibe; being surrounded by nature, the great Mayan archaeological remains and the immensity of animals and species that inhabit the area, invite us to serenity and relax.

There are many options to explore in Tulum, from restaurants where you can relax and eat quietly or enjoy the best nightlife in bars with DJs where you can dance and have fun even in the moonlight on the beach.

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