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The 10 best bars in Playa del Carmen you must visit

Playa del Carmen is a bohemian and cosmopolitan city that you will love, especially for its nightlife. Here are the best bars to visit and spend an incredible evening.

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Playa del Carmen or Cancun: Which city should you choose?

Playa del Carmen and Cancun are two of the tourist destinations in Mexico that make you want to live in such a paradise. Find out their strengths and which one is the best place for your retirement.

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Why is the Riviera Maya a retirement paradise?

The Riviera Maya is not only one of the main tourist destinations in Mexico, but it is also one of the best places in the world to live. Therefore, it is the perfect place to retire. 

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Tips to acquire your house for retirement

Buying a house for retirement can be a reality. We share with you our tips to acquire your home for retirement so you can start investing in your future from now on.

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Moving from Canada to Mexico in an easy way

Moving from Canada to Mexico in an easy way is possible especially if you follow our tips to do it. Learn everything you should know if you’re thinking in retire to Mexico.

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The best places to retire in Mexico

Retiring in Mexico can be a dream for many people: the climate, the culture, the relatively economic that is compared to their country, Mexico turns out to be a paradise for all those who decide to spend the best of their lives in our beaches or magical towns.

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